Week 4 is quickly coming to a close! It has been an incredible week of fun and learning! We rejoice in seeing campers grow in their walk with the Lord throughout their week at camp.

Campers have┬áhad an awesome opportunity to learn and grow through their morning Bible study with their cabin. The Bible study is called “The Great Adventure” and takes the campers through our journey as Christians! It talks about our need for a Savior, Jesus dying on the cross, and how we can be redeemed and grow closer in our walk with Him.


It has been a wonderful week of watching campers learn and grow. We would love to encourage you, as parents, to continue to encourage and challenge your children spiritually. Ask them what they learned during camp, ask them to recite their memory verses, and actively encourage them to apply and share what they learned! Camp doesn’t have to end on the last day of the week, the impact can be long lasting!