Hello Parents!

Day 3 of Week 6 is going awesome! We blasted off the week with Neon Space Adventure and then saved the Towers by defeating the posse during Pitch Black Attack. Tonight, campers were barely recognizable as they hobbled to flag with their canes, wigs and mustaches. We wanted to share a quick story of the amazing things that the Lord is doing at camp.

My name is Eurica Meighan, but here at camp I go by “Princess and the Frarrgs”! I am a senior at Southwestern University and am getting my Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

This is my third summer at Pine Cove, the first two of which were at Pine Cove Outback in Columbus, Tx. Transferring to the Towers for my third summer has been one of the best transitions I could have asked for. Outback is a 6th through 12th grade camp and here at the Towers, the oldest campers we have are maybe 10 years old. I was worried about being able to simplify the Gospel in a way that these kids would understand and ultimately meet Jesus.

As usual, The Lord has chosen great and powerful ways to calm those fears of mine.

Let me tell you a story about one of my favorite moments with my campers from the beginning of the summer.


I had a cabin full of amazing 4th and 5th graders. They were all so full of joy and loved participating in all of the wonderful and silly activities. No really, they even loved Pit N’ Palace, our morning “clean up the cabin” time. They were all so awesome, but if there is one time in the day that is especially hard as a counselor, it’s reflection time. This is a 10-15 minute time after the speaker’s talk at Club where we get to dive deeper into that topic and ultimately relate the message to the Gospel. This time is also right before snack, so the camper’s attention is very easily lost.

So, after Get Smart gave his gospel talk in Club on Thursday, my girls and I went to have some reflection time. I always pray that The Lord will allow me to trust His Spirt to lead the conversation to a place where the campers will be captivated by the Gospel.

This particular time, one of my campers quickly had a question about sin and all of the other girls echoed their confusion. They couldn’t seem to wrap their minds around what exactly sin is and how it affects us. I took time to explain how sin doesn’t just make us bad people, but it makes us dead people. I continued by telling them how sin creates a distance between us and God.

Just as I began to try to create a visual of that separation, I looked up and saw the full moon as clear as day. It helped give a visual picture of how sin wedges its way so far between us and God that it’s as vast a separation from us to the moon.

This astounded my girls. They couldn’t imagine that we could ever be that far away from The Lord’s presence.

“How do we get back to Him?”, one of my campers asked with wide eyes.

As I began to explain Jesus’ redeeming work on the cross to close that gap for us, I remembered the one thing that changed how I saw the gospel forever. I told them how Jesus didn’t just die on a random cross, He died on a cross that was meant for us.

It was in that moment I watched the Holy Spirit awaken many of the girls in my cabin. They seemed to understand the glorious weight of a Savior dying not only for us, but AS us.

As this was happening, one of my sweet girls started to cry. I asked her to share with us what she was thinking and feeling. Through teary eyes she said, “It’s just so amazing that Jesus would die so that I don’t have to.”


As I watched the gospel transform the lives of my girls, The Lord used that moment to sweetly remind me that this is the gospel that is worth living and dying for. I am so thankful for Pine Cove and the ministry that does not only fight for the transformed lives of campers, but has allowed me to see first-hand that the Gospel will not be shaken.

It is a privilege to get to know your kids and their hearts. Thanks for entrusting them to us this week!
-Eurica “Frarrgs”
Head Ropes / Counselor