Your campers get to do so much stuff at camp it’s CRAZY! Today is the first full day of camp and they have already got to experience focus times, bible studies, activity classes, skits, club sessions, and SO much more! Through all of these things we are offering a Gospel centered environment in which your campers can learn about Christ and his sacrifice that allows us to live with hope. This week they get to learn about the joy that God can place in our life if we follow him. ¬†While this week will be spiritually educational, it will also be jam packed with fun and a dash of the cray button.

Tonights theme night is the SUREAL CEREAL SHOWDOWN! Campers and their cabin clusters will have to fight through the disgruntled H-E-B customers in order to get their teams cereal pieces into the massive cereal bowl on the sports field. They were also able to win points by capturing other teams giant silver spoons. But not so fast, only campers with the valued shoppers tag can play the game, if another shopper takes your tag you get sent to the pantry until the jail break!

Please Pray With Us:

1. There will be many opportunities for spiritual growth in your campers this week. Pray that they take those opportunities and challenge themselves deeply.

2. Safety is always a top concern for our staff and campers, pray that God graces this camp with good health and safety for all those on property.

3. Community is key when growing spiritually. Pray that your campers are getting along with the staff and fellow cabin-mates so that fellowship will overcome any self doubts.