Good evening from the Ranch!

Our third day of camp has been a day of exhilaration for our campers. They have encountered the rush of adrenaline from our zipline, Breath-Taker, Thunder Gulch, and so many other courses we offer to our kids here. It has been incredibly special to see our campers interact with one another and with our staff- all the while having the time of their lives indulging in all the Ranch has. But there is one thing no summer camp wants to encounter throughout the week and that is… rain. This morning rain took over camp while the afternoon was dominated by thunder, bringing our outdoor activity classes to a holt. BUT RAIN AND THUNDER DOESN’T STOP THE RANCH FROM HAVING A DAY FULL OF EXHILARATION AND LOTS OF LAUGHS. 

While outside may be gloomy and stormy, our campers and staff made the best of it all. The Ponderosa (dining hall) was filled with the noise of some of Pine Cove’s favorite songs…such as, “Wobble” and “Chainsaw” along with the dances that go along with them, that our campers are quickly learning. Down in the Lonestar (gym), our campers are running around and taking part in a game we like to call “Zorbball”. This game is a Pine Cove classic that everyone enjoys engaging in! After our intense, amped version of dodgeball ended, our 7th graders headed over to the Timbers for a jammed packed trip of swimming, boating, and club! All the while, our 6th graders here are getting dressed up for one of our craziest theme nights- TECHNICOLOR CHAOS. The flag has been lowered, 6th graders have taken over the Ranch and our counselors have flipped the tables in the Ponderosa, jumping and chanting for the kids to come in for dinner…and chaos it was! Chants and dances echoed throughout the dining hall as kids and staffers chowed down on delicious pizza!

The night however does not end there…our theme night game is a crazy battle of everyone running around the “Hidden Valley Ranch,” tossing colored water and powder on each other (it is literal technicolor chaos). This game is one of the craziest activities our campers experience! Each cluster goes head to head in a color war…colors, splashes, chases, oh my! This kind of energy is thriving all throughout the day, and it’s all because of the fun and excitement the campers bring here!

Jesus has already been doing great things in the three days we’ve had with your campers. He is so good to us and is consistently blessing us, day in and day out, even in ways we sometimes overlook. Though storms may come, the Lord overcomes it all! Our hearts are full, and these campers have so much more to look forward to in the next few days ahead of them at the Ranch. Please join us as we pray for the hearts and lives of these campers, that their lives would be radically altered by grace and the cross that Jesus so willingly died on for us.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

We’ll see you soon!
– “Khakis”
Ranch Media Team