Hey Parents!

We hope your afternoon is going well! Our Wednesday started off well as we began the day with an awesome breakfast and headed out to activity classes. We wanted to send out a quick update and let you know what your kids have been learning in Bible Study.

On Sunday night, we were introduced to the story of Elijah – one of the most interesting and colorful of all biblical characters because of his faithfulness and obedience to the Lord during a rough time in Israel’s history.

Quick facts about this well-known prophet:

  • When: Began his ministry in 875 BC (about 2,889 years ago)
  • Where: Tishbe, in Gilead
  • Contemporaries: Ahab (king) and Jezebel (queen), Ahaziah (Ahab’s son), Obadiah (prophet), Jehu (10th king of Israel who exterminated the house of Ahab)
  • In the Bible: 1 Kings 17-19

Elijah was a prophet of God, whose name from the Hebrew, אליה, (‘Eliyyahu) means, “Yahweh is God.” God appointed a prophet to be his spokesperson. The priests spoke to God for the people and the prophets spoke to the people for God. Elijah was chosen as a prophet during a rough time in Israel’s history – during the wicked Ahab’s term as king.

He was from an insignificant town in Gilead and as far as the world was concerned, very unqualified for his role as God’s speaker to the people of Israel – and yet, Elijah was obedient and faithful to God’s calling on his life.

What has God called you to that may seem like a daunting task or intimidating calling? Elijah was called to stand before the king of Israel – the most evil of rulers yet – and he remained faithful, bold and obedient in the face of opposition and death.

Whatever your role or whatever God has called you to that may seem impossible, be confident in the fact that the Lord does not bring us to things without giving us the strength to get through them.

In Elijah’s case, no matter what circumstance he faced, his resolve in the Lord remained sure. He told the king that his false god, Baal, was a joke. He met a woman who had no food and watched God provide for a year and half. Elijah prayed for God to bring the widow’s dead child back to life, and he did. On Mount Carmel, he had a showdown with 850 false prophets and watched God rain down fire from heaven. This is only a little of his story.

Elijah’s God is the same one we serve today. James reminds us,

Elijah was a man just like us.
James 5:17

Yahweh is God.

Campers and staff here are learning that whatever situation the Lord has brought you to, he is just as capable to provide and use you as he did with Elijah. I hope this valuable truth is just as encouraging and challenging to you as it is for us!