Roll out the red carpet, it’s time for nice night! Girls and guys will be dressed to the nines as they are escorted into an evening full of games, awards, and a crowd favorite – pizookies.

Campers will finish up their last free time of the week and head back to their cabins to freshen up before dinner. All attendees will be nicely-dressed as they anxiously await to be escorted in and served a top-notch dinner by our guy staffers.

Once dinner comes to an end, the game show, hosted by our wonderful program directors, will begin. We look forward to a night full of friendly competition, laughter, and fun! We wrap up the game show by awarding certain campers with Covies, awards from our activity classes given to some of our outstanding performers.

There is no better way to finish out the week here at the Ranch. We have loved spending time with your children and hope to see them back at Pine Cove next summer!