Here at the Timbers we have been able to enjoy some funny skits all week long. Peter the Cow and his best friend, Billy Joe, had to use time travel to go back and save the Timbers from the evil scientist, Bill Sly. From the Boston Tea Party to Medieval times, Billy Joe and his cow, Peter, grew closer as friends and met new ones along the way. Today, we were given the opportunity to interview Peter the Cow and hear about his experiences.


Me: What’s it like being a cow that walks on two legs?

Peter the Cow: Well, it was kind of weird at first having to redistribute the weight, but my best friend, Billy Joe, helped me. I had to use a lot of guard rails to start, but now the hardest thing is just running because I’m used to using all four legs and I’m trying to transition. Basically like learning to ride a bike.

Me: Okay. So when did you and Billy Joe meet and how did you meet?

Peter the Cow: Billy Joe came to the farm I was born at. He just came one day, and for some reason, he thought that he wanted a new pet cow and bought me. It was the best day of my life!

Me: What’s it like traveling back in time?

Peter the Cow: It’s pretty weird. Every time we go in the time machine, I’m always scared that we’re not going to be able to come out. There is some weird music that goes on and there’s these weird lights, but I think the scariest thing is when we go out. We don’t really know what time period it is so when we come out, we have to figure out where we are, but after that, it’s pretty fun!

Me: What’s your family like?

Peter the Cow: Well, my mom was the best cow that ever lived. I have thirteen brothers and sisters. I’m the smallest of our litter.

Me: So you’re the runt?

Peter the Cow: I’m the runt, but that’s why I have so much personality because I made up for my size with personality.

Me: If you were to write a book about your life, what would it be called?

Peter the Cow: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Utter.

Me: How old are you?

Peter the Cow: I am fifteen.

Me: What is your education level?

Peter the Cow: I have a PhD in agriculture.

Me: That’s awesome. Thank you so much for your time and for interviewing with us at the Timbers. 

As you can see, Peter the Cow and his friend, Billy Joe, were the perfect fit to save the Pine Cove Timbers from the evil scientist. We are so thankful for them for saving camp and allowing kids to still come here and learn more about Jesus.