Here at Silverado, our staff is an essential part of making sure that camp is filled with fun, Christ centered activities. Today we get to hear more about this from Panda, our Program Director!

“Hey everyone! My name is Panda, and I have the incredible opportunity of being the Program Director for Silverado this summer. Pine Cove is Christ centered, others focused, and seriously fun, and a large part of my job is creating a program and an environment where that happens! I get to make camp as fun as it can be, and this summer has been an amazing summer. Additionally, I get to lead our staff in what it means to show the love of Christ to our campers and to be an example of that to them.

In terms of running a program for camp, there are a lot of details to check and a lot of moving pieces to manage, but if that is our only focus at camp, then we miss out on so much more. It is therefore incredibly important to remember the ‘why’ behind everything that we do, and reminding the staff (as well as myself) why we do the things we do at camp is one of my favorite things. If this is done well, then we as Silverado staff know that we are here to serve Christ for the sake of the Gospel being shown through us. We are then able to be an example of Christ to our campers and show them that they are loved! That is why we are here, and I love getting to remind others of that and seeing them do it well.” -Panda