Happy Wednesday! Here at Silverado we are blessed with having some awesome Senior Counselors. Senior Counselors work with counselors and their campers throughout the week, ensuring that everyone has a great week. Today, we get to hear from “Middle Man” about his experience with serving campers.

“Hey! My name is Middle Man and this summer I am a Senior Counselor at Silverado and I have been able to see and experience how God works in the lives of our campers.  One of the cool things I’ve experienced this summer was working through homesickness with a camper who was really struggling with being away from his parents.  He and I talked many times throughout the week and had several hang times where I got to know more about him and ask him questions about his life.  We talked throughout the week about his faith in God and how that could help him overcome the fear of being away from home.  At first he was timid about giving that to God, but as time went on we talked more about it, prayed together, and read Bible verses about God’s peace and how we can rest in His comfort.  After a couple of days of camp my camper began to open up and started having fun at activity classes. It was not an uncommon sight by day three to see him grinning from ear to ear!  I continued to talk to him about the Gospel and how God protects us, and the more I talked with him, the more I began to think about how these things affect my life as well!  It was such a sweet reminder that God can protect us during hard times and that we can take refuge in Him to get us through.  God has revealed to me that His timing is perfect and that persevering and being faithful in doing good within my job will ultimately serve His kingdom.  I was so excited at the end of the week to share in the victory that my camper had in conquering that fear! I’m ready to see what else God has in store and how I will get to be used by Him to help further His perfect plan. ” -Middle Man