Happy Tuesday from the Ranch!

Your campers are having the time of their life this week here at the Ranch. It is so much fun and we want you to know what it’s like to be a camper, just to give you a glimpse into all the fun and excitement your kids are being immersed into this week!

Let step into the day of a Ranch camp camper!

(camp cheers may be scattered throughout…prepare yourself… CAMP IS FUN PEOPLE!)

Campers wake up, beginning the day with cleaning up around the cabin and participating in what we like to call “pit n’ palace.” From there they head to flag where every cabin can show off their crazy costumes and hilarious cheers to win the spirit stick! Just before they head to the most important meal of the day, they have time to dive into scripture and study some of God’s word.

Now at breakfast they may be given several options with their meal, such as oatmeal (OOOOOOOOOOOOOatmeal..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOatmeal), perhaps maybe cereal (Cereal! Cereal! Cereal!), or maybe some fruit salad (Fruit salad, yummy yummy! Fruit salad, yummy! Fruit salad, yummy yummy! Yummy yummy yummy yummy fruit salad!!!)!

Breaking from breakfast, campers go to a Bible study with their cabin that is led by their counselor! This year the theme for bible study is Foundations. It focuses on campers setting their foundation in Christ by learning more about who God is, who He is to us, and what He has done for us all.

Following Bible study we have the FIRST ACTIVITY CLASSES OF THE DAY. During this time campers go off to their designated activity classes; whether it be sliding and jumping down at the Thundergulch, making bracelets at Arts and Crafts or soaring down the Zipline. Whatever it may be, we guarantee that your kids are having a blast. While at these classes the campers may experience things…such as mud fights?!blog3

Yes, campers are engaging in their activity classes, but we like to make sure that any free time is spent engaging in FUN. Aside from that, our activity class facilitators are able to give the campers an extra dosage of God’s Word. We like extra moments to share His word and find applications of whatever the classes may be and relate it back to Jesus himself. blog4

The rest of the day includes a warm welcome to lunch (Lunnnnnch?! Don’t give me no bread no bread, don’t give me no meat, no meat, just gimme that beat, what beat? That Jesus beat, that Jesus beat..OOOO) which includes a skit (always hilarious and engaging for the campers), and of course concluded with announcements (announcements, announcements, annoooouncements, whooo!)! Following lunch we have FOB (flat on back) where kids can take a nap, or not and have a hang time with their counselor!

Afterwords, the day is not over! Two more activity classes, Free Time and Flag lowering, Theme Night and CLUB still await. Free Time campers run free around camp (with counselor and staff supervision of course) and can indulge themselves in all the ice cream and goodies that the camp store has to offer. Theme night campers are free to dress as crazy and chaotic as they please- and can be as wild and crazy as they can possibly be, WE LOVE IT! Club is the perfect way for the campers to end their exhilarating day of camp. They dance around to all of the best amped up songs (C-L-U-B bring that Pine Cove club to me!). Club is followed by an encouraging and challenging message given by one of the Ranch’s (or a neighboring camp’s) full time staff.

Camp is fun and your kids are experiencing so many new things, whether it’s their first year at camp or 6th year at camp. We know they will have so much to tell you when they return home with you on Saturday! But for now, camp has just begun and there is so much fun and excitement left to be had!

Until next time!

-Ranch Media Team