Good morning from Lake Palestine! This is your friendly neighborhood Shores Director, Fish Face!

Your camper is awake and we are ready for a big day! In a few short minutes, we will all be heading to our first Bible Study for the week. And I want to share with you what we are going to be studying this week in God’s Word. 

But first, a setup – stick with me to the end. It’s gonna get good…

Last night in Club, I shared with everyone that I believe they are here this week for a purpose – that this week is God’s way of getting their attention. This week is His way of coming closer, showing Himself, speaking to them. Camp is for drawing near.

I think we can look at the entire narrative of Scripture (and history) and boil it all down to one word: “WITH”. I truly believe God wants to be with us. Do you believe that this morning?

God loves His children. He created us so that He could be WITH us. He sent His Son to live WITH us. He sent the Holy Spirit to be WITHIN us. And we are now called to walk by the Spirit to be WITH others so they can be WITH Him. (Woo! I just got chills again.)

Too often, I lived in a way of doing things FOR God instead of WITH God. This is the “With Life” – drawing near to His presence, believing His promises, and practicing His way. You can be WITH Him right now and forever!

God’s heart for your camper this week (and forever) is to “draw near” – not “do more.” And that is His heart for YOU, too!

Seriously, there’s nothing else you have to do to experience closeness with God. Just draw near. Come closer to Him. Seek His presence. 

This week, our Bible Study theme is all about presence. What is presence? Simply it is “you here now.” All of a person – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually; aware and focused at the specific place they are in; right this very moment. And the truth is that God is present – all of Him, with you, right now! And His presence is the answer to everything – so we draw near to Him. 

We start off today with the topic “The Presence of God is: The Answer to My Prayers.”

Our kickoff Memory Verse is John 16:23-24. Jesus tells his disciples that “whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you. Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”

Did you catch that? We can…ask anything?! It’s true. And this isn’t the only time Jesus says this. I think he really, really means it.

Prayer is simply talking with God about what we’re doing together!

And in that ongoing, every day, moment to moment conversation, requests will come up naturally! And our Good Father LOVES to give to us and provide for us.

You cannot seek and practice the presence of God without prayer. And we get to ask anything, in line with His will, in the name of Jesus – and we will receive! He loves to fill us with joy in this way!

Do you believe you can “ask anything” of God?

What does your “prayer life” look like?

Today, right this very moment, if you could ask anything of God, what would it be?

Go for it. I’m serious. Go for it! Your camper is going for it this morning. Why not you too?

His presence is with you. Believe and become present to Him today.

Each morning around this time, we will post another blurb about the day’s Bible Study. 

Will you 1) commit to reading and praying through it with us? 2) commit to praying for your camper and all of us at the Shores?

You’ll be thinking about the same verses, truth, promises your camper is thinking about. You can be present with them – in spirit, mind, and prayer. Let’s go all in together this week.

See you tomorrow!