Hey families! What an incredible week we have had- The Lord has moved in big ways. We have learned so much about God’s Word and who He is to us.

This morning, we went to flag, had focus time, and went to our three activity classes. Campers spent one last day hanging out with their cabins. Crunch time, the pool (Cascades), and the ropes course (also known as the Arches) seemed to be some of the campers favorite activity classes this week.

From here, everyone migrated to the Cav to enjoy our favorite meal of the day. We danced, sang, and ate our lunch as a group one more time. Our skit characters came back to hang out one more time. They saved their bird, the not-so-evil Kasey, from the Tide. They now get to enjoy camp without the fear of the Tide messing with them!

The campers got to hear from Pops during Bible Study as one big group today. He wrapped up our study on Psalm 119 and gave the campers a powerful word to leave camp on. They were challenged, encouraged, and lead well by the counselors and leadership around them during Bible study this week.

After a time to get some rest in our bunks, it was time for the annual senior vs. leadership football game. We laid out our towels, filled up our water bottles, and watched an intense game. The girls went first, followed by the boys. We loved getting to send out our seniors on a fun note this afternoon and celebrate them in this way.

After some time that does not cost any money (otherwise known as free time), campers and counselors went back to get all dressed up for a nice dinner and the most iconic theme night of the week, Ridge Night Live. The counselors got up on the stage to act out crazy skits and answer some funny questions.

After a night of funny moments, we all joined together in the gym to worship and hear about all that campers learned this week during a time we like to call, camper share. They are able to share all of the work that the Lord did in their hearts this week.

We are in awe of all that the Lord did this week and are so grateful for the opportunity to have camp during a time like this. The Lord is good! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow and welcome you back to camp.

– The Ridge Team