Hello parents! It has been a great Monday here at the Ridge. Here’s the low-down on what everyone has been up to:

We all woke up and cleaned our cabins for some Pit and Palace. From there everyone walked to flag as they shouted their cabin cheers to compete for the Spirit Stick. From there we were given some focus time to dig into God’s Word to learn more about Him and His character. After this time, campers and counselors made their way to the Cav, our dining hall, for some yummy breakfast to fuel up for the day ahead. Next, we all headed to activity classes for some fun time spent with our cabins. Some people went to the Cascades (our pool), some went to the slick track (go karts), and some of us even braved the Arches (the ropes course).

Now we all made our way back to the Cav for lunch where two of our cabins won the Chariot of Cleanliness and the Spirit Stick.

As we were sitting at lunch, our skit characters for the week, Chip and Dale along with their pet bird, came out to pay the campers a visit. They expressed how much that they love camp and that they want to stay at the Ridge forever! As they proceeded with this conversation, the bad guy for this weeks skit made his way out from the back of the room. He introduced himself as Tide. He told the crowd that he lives in the lake at camp and that our noise disrupts him most days. The worst part about the skit is that Tide told Chip and Dale that he wants to destroy camp! Chip and Dale have made a pact to do all that they can to save camp. Staff and campers can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow when they return.

From here we all made our way back to our cabins for a little Bible study and FOB (flat on back). Campers were filled up by the Word and rested so that they would be ready to take on the rest of the day! They had the opportunity to study a section of Psalm 119 today. We pray and hope that they truly learn how to walk in God’s Word.

Now, it was time to head to some time that does not cost any money. FREE TIME! Campers got the opportunity to have a hang time with their counselor, play basketball, and go to the camp store to get some snacks and Pine Cove gear. The most popular snack combination today was Dibs and Dr. Pepper. This seems to be a recurring theme!

Campers went back to their cabins to get ready for the theme night tonight, Snack Attack, and then went to dinner. From dinner, everyone went down to the sports field to play the game for the theme night. Everyone had a blast getting to sit outside, play dodgeball, and watch the beautiful sunset over the lake.

For club tonight, we had the opportunity to learn from our program director, Dax “Keeps” McKee. He challenged us all to dive into the Word of God even when there are things in this world around us that distracts us from the Creator of those things.

The Ridge Team is so happy that your campers are finally here and that we get to hang out with them this week! Please continue to pray for your campers, that they would learn something amazing about the Father this week.

– The Ridge Team