Moon Jazz

Position: Assistant Program Director

College: Baylor University

Hometown: Plano, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: whitetail!!

3 Favorite hobbies: Playing movies music


Position: Work Crew Director

College: Texas A&M

Hometown: Austin, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: The swing by the lagoon behind the splash pad to the right of the slide

3 Favorite hobbies: Listening/watching rain, playing outside with friends (like football and such), cooking


Position: Director of Details

College: Texas A&M University

Hometown: San Antonio, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: The Outpost!

3 Favorite hobbies: Reading, Baking, and Just Dance!


Position: Impact Senior Counselor

College: Texas A&M University

Hometown: Spring, TX

Favorite Places at Camp: The Whitetail porch under Professor Oak with the lights turned on

3 Favorite hobbies: Spending time with friends/family, drinking coffee, and pretty much anything outdoors!


Position: Crew Senior Counselor

College: Baylor University

Hometown: Spring, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: Wake park lifeguard stand in the morning

3 Favorite hobbies: Photography, cuddling with my golden doodles, napping


Position: Cove Kids Senior Counselor

College: University of Mary Hardin-Baylor/the Forge

Hometown: Cypress, TX

Favorite Places at Camp: The Cove Kids building

3 Favorite hobbies: Traveling, hiking, and hanging out with friends and family!


Position: Head Media

College: Louisiana Tech University

Hometown: Baton Rouge, La

Favorite Places at Camp: Sitting in the black metal lounge chairs in front of the lagoon during morning quiet times

3 Favorite hobbies: Watching comedy specials, laying out by a pool/beach, jamming to Christian rap


Position: Activities Director / Retail


Position: Activities Director / Retail

Counselors/Program Staff


Position: Counselor

College: Samford University

Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite Places at Camp: Summit express in the lagoon

3 Favorite hobbies: Reading, running, making coffee


Position: Counselor 

College: Houston Baptist University

Hometown: Spring, TX

Favorite Places at Camp: The top of the pool slide

3 Favorite hobbies: Reading, hiking and watercolor painting


Position: Counselor 

College: Texas A&M University

Hometown: Cypress, TX

Favorite Places at Camp: Under the waterfall in the pool

3 Favorite hobbies: Reading, embroidery, running


Position: Nanny

College: Baylor University

Hometown: Pearland, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: White tail for eating all the good foods

3 Favorite hobbies: Dancing, singing, cracking jokes


Position: Health Assistant

College: Samford University

Hometown: Holly Springs, Ga

Favorite Places at Camp: The sunset over the lagoon

3 Favorite hobbies: Reading, spending time with friends, and drinking coffee


Position: Counselor

College: Texas A&M

Hometown: Kerrville, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: The barn

3 Favorite hobbies: Rock climbing, hiking, and hanging out in my Eno!


Position: Wrangler

College: Texas A&M University

Hometown: The Woodlands, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: Next to the lake or lagoon early morning

3 Favorite hobbies: Any kind of art, ballroom dancing, and figure skating


Position: Health Assistant

College: Texas A&M University

Hometown: Round Rock, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: The picnic tables by the lagoon especially at sunrise/sunset

3 Favorite hobbies: Napping, Taking Walks, Being with friends


Position: Counselor

College: Baylor University

Hometown: Redwood City, Ca

Favorite Places at Camp: THE POOL

3 Favorite hobbies: Guitar, baking/cooking, workouts


Position: Chaos

College: Dallas Baptist University

Hometown: Midland, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: Porch of whitetail rocking chairs

3 Favorite hobbies: Reading, rock climbing, trying new coffee shops


Position: Videographer

College: Baylor University

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

Favorite Places at Camp: Media office, desk 4

3 Favorite hobbies: Dance, drawing, surfing


Position: Assistant Cove Kids Senior Counselor

College: Texas A&M University

Hometown: Georgetown, Tx

Favorite Places at Camp: The pool

3 Favorite hobbies: drinking Dr Pepper, playing pickleball, and holding babies

Princess 3K

Position: Photographer

College: The University of Southern Mississippi

Hometown: Mandeville, LA

Favorite Places at Camp: Pickleball courts!

3 Favorite hobbies: 1. Writing songs, 2. Dancing, 3. Movies with friends


Position: Counselor


Position: Counselor


Position: Counselor


Position: Photographer